Jewellery making began in a effort to combat Rachel's dysthymia (persistent depressive disorder) and chronic anxiety disorders. Stumbling on wire wrapping by chance, a love for it quickly developed. Wire wrapping keeps hands busy which in turn keeps a mind busy - alleviating Rachel's anxiety, quelling negative thoughts and bringing a sense of calm which she could not otherwise achieve.

Deciding to start selling her pieces at the local markets meant the hunt for a business name began. Knowing that both herself and her work were to be judged, Rachel decided that so to would her anxiety disorder - hence the "Black Dog" part of the business name.

Rachel makes no claim of being self taught, as to do so would be an injustice to the many skilled artisans whose teachings she has absorbed. Rachel is a self learner - her skills are learnt from watching endless videos, purchasing numerous tutorials and books, reading thousands of articles and many hours practicing new skills and design with scrap wire - all to improve and increase her skillset and knowledge.